Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I was looking back at my previous list of great things that happened to me last year and I really am so lucky.  So why is it that I am so cranky?  Is it because it is February and I HATE February?  Probably.  It also probably has a lot to do with the fact that Brian is gone and I am SICK of him being gone.  Not to mention there is a chance he will be stuck in the stupid snowstorm on the East coast.  I am also a little frustrated with what I am working on for our business mostly because I have no idea what I am doing half the time and thus starts the vicious circle where I want to just quit but when I quit then I feel guilty and feeling guilty makes me CRANKY!

I think Oprah would tell me to get out my gratitude journal (I don't have one).  So maybe I will just jot down a few great things that I am so lucky to have...

wonderful husband, lovely house, good food to eat, nice friends, fun family, enough money to keep us comfortable, warm clothes, an upcoming trip to Maui for my brother's wedding

ahhh...feeling a bit better already.  Maybe Oprah has something with that gratitude journal...

(pics from our last trip to Maui)

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